Wedding cake Pricing

The price variance in wedding cakes is as vast as the Grand Canyon! The more work the higher the cost, therefore bigger, more intricate cakes that have lots of detail are at the higher end of the scale where as the smaller, plainer, more simpler cakes are on the more 'cost effective' end of the scale.

Cakes o'Licious price our cakes (as do most cake decorators) by the amount of tiers. We cater for every budget and will work with you to create your perfect cake in line with your budget. Please contact us via our online inquiry form, phone or email to easily obtain a free, no obligation quote.

We can guarantee you will not find a better price on high end quality work such as ours so call or email us today!
For an accurate quote please contact us directly.

As guide however, listed below are the starting prices for each style wedding cake


single tiered cakes start at £50 
2 tier cake prices start at £150

3 tier cake prices start at £380
4 tier cake prices start at £450

5 tier cakes start at £550
6 tier cake prices start at £580

4 tier topsy turvy cakes start at £550

Buttercream topped cupcakes prices start at £2

Fondant covered cupcakes prices start at £3

Individually boxes for cupcakes with ribbon is £1.50 extra



Set Up and Delivery

Local delivery prices start from £15

Delivery charge to New Forest Hotels  £40

Delivery charge to Petersfield area   £30

Delivery charge to Midhurst, Hindhead and Godalming area  £40


The delivery charge for your cake is dependant on the following points:
-Free parking is available whilst delivering the cake- up to 30 minutes (if paid parking is required this will be added to the delivery cost)


-Easy access to the venue is provided- eg. Close parking, lift access to higher levels


-Cake table is level, stable, clothed and ready for cake placement


-The room is a suitable temperature for your cake- Air conditioning is best (temperature of the room affects the time of delivery)


-Cakes are able to be delivered at anytime between 8am and 3pm Monday to Saturday- Late- Time Specific and Sunday deliveries MAY incur a surcharge.


-You are welcome to collect your cake- Monday- Friday by arrangement. Collection of cakes on Saturdays is Usually restricted to before 9.30am or after 4, Sunday collections are possible


-Whilst all due care is taken when boxing your cake, Cakes transported by you are done so at your own risk.


You are welcome to supply your own fresh flowers on the condition that:

-They are individually wired and taped; pre clustered or set in an invisible oasis block. Should your flowers not be supplied subject to the conditions I reserve the right NOT to place them onto your cake.


-Flowers must be delivered to the reception venue by the time specified on your order on the event day- or to myself – at a mutually suitable time.

-You are responsible for ordering the correct amount/size of flowers through your florist. Damaged, bruised or poor Quality blooms supplied by you are your responsibility.


-In the event that flowers ordered through me are unavailable, a suitable substitute will be offered.


-Please don't hesitate to call me or to pass on my details to your florist if you have any questions.




Cake Stand Hire



-All cake stand hire is £20 for all Cakes o'Licious customers except Crystal cake stand  £50 hire with £200 refundable stand deposit


-There is a £80 Refundable Security deposit required for the use of the Perspex cake stand. All other stands are a £100 deposit. The cake stand deposit is refunded in Cash Preferred unless otherwise stated


-The cake stand MUST be returned within 3 days of your event. Please call me to arrange a mutually suitable return time.


-The cake stand is to be returned- as is. There is no need to wash the stand before you return it. In the event the stand is exceptionally dirty, it may be wiped with a damp soft cloth. At no time is the stand to be placed into a dishwasher, or have a scourer used on it.


-Any damages to the stand will result in the deposit being forfeited.


-Late return of the stand (without consent) will result in a £5 per day charge out of deposit.


-Failure to return the stand will be regarded as theft.


-Any damage must be reported immediately- so that all efforts can be made to have the stand repaired


-The cake stand is only to be used for the cakes supplied. At no time are heavy ornaments, hot lights (including tea lights) or larger cakes to be placed onto the stand.


-Any decorations applied to the stand must be removed (including residue) before its return.



Cake Design



-Your cakes design is outlined in your official  order. Please contact me ASAP with any corrections that may need to be made.


-Where possible, a picture of your chosen design will be attached to your order for both of our reference.


-Whist all care is taken to complete your order as specified- Factors including but not limited too- such as weather and supply unavailability- MAY result in design changes. Design changes are at Cakes o'Licious's discretion. All cake designs are subject to artistic license, and should Cakes o'Licious need to make such changes no further correspondence will be entered into.


-If you choose to supply your own ribbons, or decorations, they must be suitable for your cake- e.g. enough ribbon, correct thickness, fabric suitability for the design etc...


-Any figurines supplied for your cake, must be able to be easily attached to the top tier of your cake- preferably being able to stand alone, or with the aid of inbuilt supports.


-All items supplied for your cake, must be clearly marked with your surnames and wedding date.


-Any items which do not meet hygiene and safety requirement will be unable to be used.





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