Design Process

The design process of your very special cake can take many forms, be it via emails, phone calls or in person in the studio. But all contain the same basic principles and processes.

There are a few vital points of information that will shape your cake before we even talk about style. The number of guests or serves you require, whether you are keeping the top tier or serving all and portion size, determine the size of the cake. The size of the cake will influence the cake design. For example, a 6 tier Wedding Cake for 20 people, is simply too much cake for too few people.

After we gather the basic information of serves etc we then establish the basic feel and style of the day you are planning, to establish whether the cake is flowing with your overall design of the day or going to make an impact or make a statement. From there we discuss the obvious, colors, shape, invitation patterns, bridesmaids dresses, floral arrangements, now we are starting to get a basic idea of your vision.

Now is when we try to incorporate the elements that will make your cake yours, so you need to bring with you all the things that make you you, that you might like to incorporate, to the meeting be it a dress fabric sample, a picture of your parents wedding cake, the personalized monogram being used throughout the day, the location where you were proposed to, or first met, or even the buckle with which you were proposed to with, in lieu of a ring, we take all this information and all these elements to create the cake that is uniquely and totally YOU


Call now to book your FREE, NO OBLIGATION wedding cake consultation.  During the consultation you get to taste a variety of cake and buttercream flavours available.

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